My New Talk…. Fresh for 2020

“English Wedding Traditions, Customs and Superstitions”

    What is the origin of “Something old, something new, something borrowed,        something blue”?  Why is it supposed to be unlucky to marry in the month of May?                                             Why does a bride carry a bouquet?

WeddingModern weddings have changed in format but most of us still enjoy the ceremony and celebrations.  The fascination with the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May 2018 bears this out.  It is reported that in the United Kingdom over 36 million viewers watched all or part of the proceedings that day.

This amusing talk answers many questions you may have about traditional English weddings.  Not only how well-known traditions and customs came about but also some intriguing true stories about weddings and marriages.

For background information I have researched some historical legislation regarding matrimony….. and been amazed!  For example in the nineteenth century occasionally some unscrupulous young ladies took gullible and naive chaps to Court for ‘Breach of Promise to Marry’ in order to procure a large sum of money.  Usually they were successful! It was only in 1970 that an Act of Parliament outlawed this practice.

Book my Wedding Talk and your members will have a jolly time listening to ‘wedding gossip’ and contributing their opinions! 

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