About Carolyn

Born and brought up in South Wales, Carolyn now lives in Norfolk and is married to Gordon.  They have five grown-up children.  No wonder she has a sense of humour!

IMG_0633 gg2She has a deep love of British history which she attributes to Miss Harrington who was an inspirational history teacher at her school.  Although not a professional historian, Carolyn has read, studied and enjoyed history throughout her life.

In 2004 Carolyn joined North Norfolk Speakers` Club www.nnsc.co.uk which is affiliated to The Association of Speakers Clubs www.speakersclubs.uk   Her aim in joining was to help her achieve better public speaking and chairmanship skills for her role as a parish councillor.  She was surprised to find how much she enjoyed public speaking and, deciding to combine her knowledge of British history with her public speaking skills, she started on the public speaking circuit in 2006.

How did Carolyn come to devise her talk on the History and Origins of Nursery Rhymes?  She says “I fell in love with Nursery Rhymes thanks to ‘Listen with Mother’ the daily 15 minute lunchtime radio programme on the BBC when I was a child.  From the age of two I was spellbound by the Nursery Rhymes and I joined in singing along with the presenter.  It was many years later, when I read a magazine article about academic research into the place of Nursery Rhymes in British history, that I appreciated the connection between the two.

The subject of English Wedding Traditions, Customs and Superstitions appealed to me because we all like a bit of romance and I knew there’s some very interesting history behind marriage and wedding ceremonies which I thought would make an interesting talk.  I did a lot of research into the subject and have come up with some fascinating explanations and facts.”

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