Welcome to….

“Carolyn’s Entertaining Talks”

Are you looking for an interesting speaker for your group?

IMG_0577My talks are based on popular history told with ‘a light touch of humour’.  I use researches I have made during my lifelong enthusiasm for British history to tell interesting and amusing stories to entertain audiences.

I do not use Power Point or slides because I like my talks to be interactive and a bit conversational with members of my audience so that they can contribute and participate if they wish.

I have been giving talks for about ten years at all sorts of venues to organisations such as W.I’s, local history groups, Probus and U3A. Talks are tailored to suit the audience and to fit the time available; usually about 45 minutes; sometimes all evening!  I also take bookings for afternoons or mornings. For payment I ask for a donation for YMCA plus reasonable travel expenses and accommodation if I travel further afield than East Anglia.

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